Friday, 17 January 2014

Barbour iPhone5 Case

When I upgraded to an iPhone last year it presented me with a bit of a problem; the phone was just a bit too wide for my faithful Radley phone cover so I needed something to replace that too.  There are lots of stunning iPhone cases available, but it struck me as odd that most of the covers were designed simply to protect the casing of the phone rather than the screen.  As my iPhone tends to get put in my handbag with all kinds of other stuff I was more concerned about protecting the screen than the back.  I knew you could buy a sort of film to protect the screen, but for me, that didn't really cut it in the style stakes.  Fortunately, my partner Sean was one step ahead of me and bought me this beautiful iPhone5 case from Barbour.  It's available in different colours, but being mad on all things purple, this was the perfect choice for me.  Your phone simply slots in and then there is a rigid quilted flap which folds over to protect the screen and fastens securely by a magnet closure at the bottom.  The case is designed so that you don't need to remove it to charge the phone or take photos.  I love it, it's perfect and just what I was looking for.

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