Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Boots Botanics Moisturiser and Eye Cream

I recently popped into Boots with the intention of using a No7 £5 voucher on either some eye cream or a day moisturiser.  I'd been using a L'Oreal moisturiser which I loved, but it didn't have an SPF in it so thought I'd get a No7 moisturiser with the super-duper SPF in and maybe splash out on the eye cream from the same range too.  The only problem is I hate the smell of the No7 skin care range, it's just soo strong!  Anyway, whilst I was "umming" and "aahing" I noticed that the Botanics range was on offer, so had a bit of a test in the shop and it seemed fine (and a fraction of the cost of No7) so my mind was finally made up.  I bought the Triple Age Renewal Firming Day Cream (£5.69, reduced from £8.49) and the Hydrating Eye Cream (£6.99, reduced from £8.99).  I've been using both daily for the last seven days and the results have been a bit of a mixed bag.  I'm pleased with the eye cream, it's nicely moisturising and sinks in easily.  Whether or not it is going to prevent any (more) wrinkles remains to be seen.  On the other hand, the moisturiser has been a bit of a let-down.  It has a weird texture, almost jelly-like and when I first tried it I put too much on my skin and it just sat there, all oily, and was impossible to put any make up on top of.  The next day, I used less product, but in doing so it lacked any substantial level of moisturisation.  I've found that if I use my uber-moisturising L'Oreal as a night cream I can just about get away with the Botanics during the day, but I know that if I was still working in an over-heated office it just wouldn't cut it.  I'll carry on using it though as it does have a good SPF, so at least I am getting the benefit of that now, but it looks like I am still on the quest for my perfect moisturiser.

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