Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Nail Inspiration #4

I never was going to be able to resist buying a nail varnish from the Gothic Glam range from Collection 2000, I struggled to choose just one of the three colours, but finally settled for "Dramatic".  I love the colour, it's very unusual and does indeed put me in mind of something wonderfully Goth to wear, like a stunning burgundy crushed velvet skirt.  The colour is actually quite multi-faceted and it was quite hard to photograph so that you could see the full effect; sometimes it looks like a deep plum colour, in other lights it appears more of a dark pink, but there's also a hint of a gold sheen in there too, though it's quite subtle.  Although I love the shade it was quite hard to achieve an even distribution of colour and there's no way you could ever get away with just one coat, so it's not for anyone in a rush.  If you have the time, I think three thin separate coats would be the answer, with a good top coat as I've just noticed as I type this that one of my nails has already chipped quite badly.  Overall, lush colour but poor quality.

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