Thursday, 30 January 2014

Superdrug Haul

It has to be said that, by my normal standards, I went a bit bonkers in Superdrug on Tuesday.  Well, I'd had a bit of good news you see, so I thought I would have a little treat.  I know the idea is to buy yourself treats when you're feeling down rather than up, but any excuse will do!  Fortunately - or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it - Superdrug had a fab "buy one, get one half price" offer on loads of different stuff, so I'm afraid I was almost powerless to resist.

I knew before I even set foot in the door that at least one MUA product would be going straight into my basket, I've only recently discovered this brand and I can't get enough of it.  I'd intended to buy the "Undress Your Skin" foundation and highlighting powder, as both of these products have had many rave reviews, but when I tested the powder on my skin I'm afraid it was just too shimmery by far for me, so I decided to give the All in One BB Cream a go instead (£3.00).  At £1 each, a couple of MUA eyeshadows weren't going to break the bank either.  The only trouble with MUA is that Superdrug don't seem to be able to keep up with the demand for it, the display stand often looks half empty; there were a few testers I tried and liked but then couldn't buy the product because it was out of stock.

Never mind, I soon moved onto the other stands and noticed this Collection 2000 eyeshadow palette reduced from £3.99 to £2.99.  I haven't tried this out yet, but I'll do a full review when I do.  I like the look of the colours, they're a really nice mix of pinks and purples, so I'm looking forward to seeing what I can do with those.  Also from the Collection 2000 stand I found an eyeshadow pencil in a really nice shimmery pearl colour, I think this was £3.99 and well worth it, I really like the colour and the consistency of this.

You may recall me raving about the Superdrug Vitamin E Hot Cloth Cleanser a few posts back, well this time I bought a moisturiser (£2.99)* and skin oil (£2.99)* from the same range.  I've only been using these for a couple of days but I reckon they're going to be firm favourites of mine, along with the hot cloth cleanser.

I'm really short on make up brushes at the moment so picked up a couple of basics: a blusher brush (£2.99) and a blending brush (£1.99)* which were bargains to begin with, but even more so seeing as how I got the blending brush half price.

My biggest splurge though was on a couple of make up brushes from the Real Techniques range.  Just about every beauty blogger I follow uses a Real Techniques brush to apply their foundation and although I'd had my eye on this for a while, I felt that £8.99* was a bit much to spend on just one brush whilst I am seriously tying to watch the pennies.  However, when I noticed that this range were also included in the offer I couldn't have been more excited and somehow, getting the shading brush for £3.50 instead of £6.99* seemed to make it an offer I couldn't refuse!

* These were the products included in the "buy one get one half price" offer.


  1. I use the same moisturiser as you bought here. What's the oil like? Is it a cleanser? x

    1. Hi Leah, it's more of a supplementary moisturiser. I've only been using it for a few days but I love it. I massage a few drops into my really dry patches before putting on the moisturiser and do this before bed so when I get up in the morning my skin feels nice and supple. I think it's similar in idea to the vitamin e serum Body Shop have just brought out; I haven't tried that so don't know how they compare, but I'm so pleased with this one - especially for the price - I'll probably just stick with it x