Saturday, 18 January 2014

Superdrug MUA Haul

Yipee!  My Superdrug MUA order arrived!  It felt like it took forever to arrive, but I think that's because I ordered on a Friday night and they don't despatch parcels over the weekend.  It arrived on Wednesday so that wasn't too bad I suppose.  I'd read quite a few rave reviews about the MUA range at Superdrug and when I found out how inexpensive it is I thought it would be the perfect way to replenish my make up supplies after my major clear out just before Christmas.  It was just typical though, that after placing my order I then stumbled across some reviews which weren't as impressed with the range, but I guess you could say that by the time it arrived I had a totally open mind about whether it was going to be any good or not.

When I opened the parcel and actually saw what I'd bought for around £12 I was gob-smacked!  Somehow it just did not seem real until I was seeing it with my very own eyes!  At best, I would normally expect just a couple of items for my £12, but here I had 6!!

My main (and most expensive) purchase was the Ever After Matt Eye Palette for just £4!  I was desperate for new eye shadows and this seemed to have a very wearable collection of colours.  This was also one of the main items which I'd seen some negative reviews about, mainly that the lighter shades were very poor in that they were all very similar on the skin and that they weren't pigmented enough.  I couldn't disagree more.  Perhaps it's because I have such pale skin that they show up quite nicely on me and I can definitely tell the difference between the shades.  I was really impressed with the pure white shade.  Having small eyes, I have been experimenting with using the palest shades I could find on my inner eye to try and open my eyes up a bit.  This matt white is just perfect for everyday use, I get a good depth of colour from it and the matt finish makes it extremely wearable for the day time.  The shade which absolutely blew me away though was the one I would call a sort of steel grey.  If I'd seen this colour in the shop by itself I can guarantee that I never would have tried it out, but when it came in this palette and I tested it (because it would be rude not to!) I couldn't get over how this transformed my eyes.  I think I have found my perfect eye shadow colour!  I know this is a very personal perspective, but anyone with blue-ish eyes should try this as it really made the blue in my eyes pop.

I'm loving the Mosaic Powder in English Rose £2.50 and also the blusher in Cupcake £1.00.  Both have an exceptionally blendable, velvety texture.  I bought the mosaic powder because I am so pale that bronzers tend to look far too dark on me; this gives me a natural looking flush of colour and the Cupcake shade of blusher compliments it nicely in a slightly deeper tone.  I will definitely be trying out some of the other blusher shades in this range.

The eyebrow pencil in Blonde is the best eyebrow pencil I've ever used bar none.  The colour tone is a perfect match for me and I love the precision shaping brush.  I still can't believe this was only £1.00.

The next two items were acceptable for the money I paid, but didn't impress me quite as much as the other items had.  The Lash Boom Mascara in black £3.00 has an unusual shaped brush.  I think it is designed so that you can coat the outer lashes more easily, but it took a bit of getting used to.  It did build up my lashes quite nicely, but there's something about the feel of it when it's dried that's not quite right, it just doesn't feel comfortable on for some reason.

Finally, the nail polish in Deepest Purple is probably one product I won't be buying again.  The colour is nice enough but I don't think I've ever seen a nail varnish brush as small as this one, it was very tricky to handle and apply the polish with.  I suppose for £1 you can't complain too much, but after the pleasant surprises I'd had with the other products in this range, this item was a bit of a disappointment.

PS Superdrug don't charge any delivery costs for orders over £10.

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