Monday, 20 January 2014

Winter Essentials

Ok, I know it's all my own fault, I went and mentioned Spring and then the next thing is I'm watching the weather forecast on Winterwatch and surprise, surprise...not good!  So I've made up my mind, I'm going to make like the hedgehogs and mice - I'm going to hibernate!  I'll need a few things though...

A fleecy throw/slanket (Christmas pressie) and fluffy socks (Primark) to snuggle up in.

A good book: Wuthering Heights seems appropriate, as does my Bleak House DVD boxset.

A pretty journal (Christmas pressie) to keep myself busy by jotting down ideas for my blog, or maybe planning a Summer holiday!

Cosy candle light: Winter Wood candle (Christmas pressie) and vanilla jar candle (Garden Centre sale).

Something naughty but nice to drink: hot chocolate (Clipper) crammed with mini marshmallows in my favourite mug (Emma Bridgewater limited edition mug for York Minster fund) and some mini gingerbread men to dunk (Sainsbury's)

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